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 EA Official Battleforge Tournament Rules

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PostSubject: EA Official Battleforge Tournament Rules   Tue Oct 06, 2009 3:27 am

Alright guys, here are the provisional set of rules for the Official BattleForge Tournament. If you are interested in entering the tournament, you must completely familiarize yourself with these rules.

General Rules :
GameType : Sparring Grounds, Collection 1v1.
Player Count : 64 Players.
Maps Played : The map of the week will be announced 5 Days prior to the Dafault Match date.
Match Rules : Stock gameplay rules apply.
Entry Requirements: Entrants must be PvP level 14 or higher.
Victory Conditions : To win a match the player must eliminate the opposing team. Should the 30 minute timer run out before this, then the player with the most points will win.
Best of 3 : Each match will consist of at least 2 maps ( a third randomly generated map shall be played if each participant wins one of the first two matches ).
Single Elimination : If you loose one match ( not map ) you are knocked out of the Tournament, there is no back door to get back in.
Any swearing and/or personal abuse towards your opponent will result in the forfeiture of the match.
Each player must post their match replay in their match thread.

Match Time :
The Default match Time is 9.00pm CET on Sundays. This should hopefully a good compromise so that both those in Europe, and North America can take part. Should an emergency arise and a player be unable to make the default match time, they are free to request a rescheduling of the match. If the other player does not agree, then the match is to be played at a default time, if the match is not rescheduled and one player cannot make the match, the player which cannot make it automatically forfeits the game.

Match Communications :
Match Communications ( henceforth known as "Match Comms" ) is the area afforded to the Tournament participants to chat to their opponent and reschedule a match if necessary. We will run Match Comms as follows:

The Tournament forum will be used by all forum users to post about Tournament related issues and just chat about the Tournament in general. It will have two sub-forums, one which is locked off and only viewable to Tournament participants, this will be Match Comms, and one sub-forum which all forum users can access and will be the match discussion forum, where users can wish players good luck, a little bit of smack talk can be spoken (keeping within the forum rules), and replays can be watched and analyzed after the match. Match Referees with be the only ones with the ability to start new threads in the Match Comms forum. In this forum threads will be started with 2 players names in the title, each match up will be a match. The thread with your name in the title is you Match Comms thread. You are only allowed to post in your own Match Comms thread, do not post in anyone else's.

ALL MATCH COMMUNICATIONS MUST TAKE PLACE THROUGH MATCH COMMS! – Anything that was decided upon, but not posted in Match Comms by both parties will not be taken into consideration when being reviewed by a Referee.
Both players must post in their respective threads at least 12 hours before the default match start time, failure to do so will result in a forfeiture of the match.
If rescheduling, the match must be played before the Tuesday following the default match date.

Pre Match :
On match day users must join their designated server (assigned in Match Comms by a Referee) and whisper each other at the agreed upon time. If either participant is not there, the other player must wait at least 15 minutes for their opponent to get online and whisper them.
Once a conversation has been established. Both players must type “Ready!” in chat and screenshot both readies. The 15 minute grace period applies as long as one player has not "ready upped". Once both players have “readied up” then the “Home” player (The player who's name is first in the match comms thread title) will create a match with the required map, and the "Away" player must join immediately.

During the match :
The match is considered “Live” as soon as you load in.
Take a screenshot of the score/win screen at the end of the match.
If your opponent hurls any abuse at you remember to screenshot it.

Post Match :
Once the match is over you have 3 hour to go to your thread in the Match Comms forum and post the score/win or loss.
Both players must post the score/win or loss, if either player fails to do so they forfeit the match.
Attach the Replay to the post.
Assuming its possible, you must keep the replay for 2 weeks after the match.
If your opponent insulted you then you may file a dispute and the incident will be investigated. Instructions below.

Filing a Dispute :
If you choose to file a dispute you must file it no later than 3 hours after the end of the match.
You must include at least 1 screenshot and replay.
To file the dispute, report one of your opponents posts in the Match Comms thread, including as much detail as possible about the incident and include a link to the picture (hosted offsite) off the phrase/txt in question.
Do not post the image in the match thread.
You must make a post informing your opponent that you have reported them within the said 3 hour time frame.
A Referee will deal with the dispute and decided whether or not it deems a forfeit.
If a player files two disputes that a Referee deems unfounded then they will be removed from the Tournament
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EA Official Battleforge Tournament Rules
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