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 Important message from Vorpal

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PostSubject: Important message from Vorpal   Sat Oct 17, 2009 6:05 am

i would like that you read this message i got from vorpal. i have recieved it today in my mailbox. I am sure he doesn't mind that i will show it here to the fan community:


I don't know if you are admin or an avid player like me but here is the real deal. We need to get in touch with the people who call the shots in this game and we need to do something about the scammers. If you sit back and let crime take place in your neighborhood then you are basically responsible for promoting it. I have an idea. I want to get it to the people who make the decisions. The Free 2 Play idea was great marketing idea. It got me hooked and I've paid over $500 to EA on cards between me and my brother. But here is the deal. I just got scammed. I've been approached by scammers and I get approached by them every time i trade. I have caught a phishing scheme and reported it to EA and also I have had my account banned because when the game first came out spammers said to buy points for and since it was on the chat window over and over i assumed it was legit. This came is great and should have a big following. I don't know if its just not big enough for EA to care about it or if the programmers just don't understand what we are going through. But when you get scammed it leaves a bad taste in your mouth and you don't want to spend any more money on the game. When you trade and everyones trying to rip you off, you don't want to trade anymore. We need to at least try to fix these issues and make the game better or we are no better than the scammers. We have to take action. If you are someone who directly can effect this game please listen to my words. If you are not, lets try and find someone who will listen. There is currently no penalty for those who scam because they can start another acount for free. What if there was a premium server and it cost a few bucks a month and everyone got something for being on it like i don't know $5 a month and you get 2 boosters or something a month. Now you have a way to get the leeches and slimey people from playing. They disappear. Because you have to register and have a Credit card on file. Once you screw up you are banned. If you try to have 8 accounts under one card so you can log on and scam people and just switch accounts when you get caught you'd have to pay $40 a month on that Credit card and once they catch on bam all the accounts get banned. Free 2 play was a great idea to get people intererested in the game but now we need a way to make the game fun and safe. Don't stop the free servers. Keep them. But i would pay $5 or even $10 a month (just give us cards we spend the money on them any way) so I can get away from scammers and beggars and thieves. Do you realze i play this game like 4 hours a day at least and it eats away at me that 2 guys screwed me out of 12000 bfp. I'm calling EA to try and get some sort of resolution but they are treating me like I dont matter cuz the game is free to play and they think im not producing them any revenue. I'm a low priority. All I'm saying is this we have a responsibility to try and make this game better and more fun/safe. I'm sure alot of the people getting scammed are little kids and that just gets me ****** off. I'm 32 and I've been ripped off many times on many different things but this takes the cake. Please feel free to write me back and if you know anyone i can talk to about this please get me in touch with them or give them my info email and number 727-488-3833. I really want to be a part of this community and i want this game to stay around for a long time it is something i truly look forward to every day. But the sting of getting ripped off is still there every time i play and I don't think that that should happen to everyone who plays. we can stop that. We can make a difference. Have a good one.
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Important message from Vorpal
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