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 How to protect Yourself!

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PostSubject: How to protect Yourself!   Wed Sep 16, 2009 2:18 pm

Unfortunaly I've came across with many scammers, to help you from getitng scammed we have developed a subforum called BlackList that is used to report names of scammers or cheaters.

Please Remember this 3 tips!

1- If you come across someone that is trying to trade something expensive, for almost nothing than probably he is a scammer, first test him before
making a deal or you will regret about what you have done. You can test him easily, for example if he is selling or buying bfps first trade small amounts or check if he is in the BlackList but always trade small amounts first!

2- If someone is trying to rush u to do something, ask always time or tell the person to forget about the deal, when u are trading high amounts of bfps or gold always write down the name, if needed do Alt+Tab and write is name in the notebook.

3- Never buy Bfps or Gold with currency acording to the EA eula such thing is bannable!
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PostSubject: Re: How to protect Yourself!   Sat Sep 19, 2009 5:29 am

orriginal article by mawn bf forums:

Well it seems to me that there is a lot of scamming going on. Since I think scamming is bad I am making a guide that will give you some ways to protect yourself, but even using all of these it is still possible to be scammed, just less likely.

- There is a direct trade scam, however you can easily protect yourself from it by simple waiting to click accept until the other person has.

- If at all possible trade with someone who has a reputation, or someone who has many posts on the forums. For people with such a reputation, scamming you would do more damage to them than it would to you. Also it is unwise to trade via mail with people who are lower levels in-game.

- Use small increments. If you don't know the person you are trading with, don't send them all your gold at once. Example: if you are buying bfp from someone at the rate of 150:1 send 150-300 gold at a time. This way if they are a scammer you will lose less gold than if you sent your whole 1.5k at once.

- If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Chances are nobody is actually selling BFP for gold at a rate of 50:1

- Don't be too quick when making decisions. If they are trying to rush you and say something like "only have 10 seconds til I have to go" then you should probably just wait til you have a better opportunity. If you are rushing you might make a mistake.

- Don't buy ANYTHING for currency (USD, EURO, etc) unless it is in a sealed box or from

- Look at their name. Is it logical? A name like dogluvver or jsmith is more likely to be a legit person who is playing on a real account than a name like asdfkjavidsaf is. While it doesn't guarantee you a scam-free trade, its something to look for.
If you have anything to add feel free to let me know Smile
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How to protect Yourself!
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