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 Diysmal scammer, xDimiKilleRx begger

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PostSubject: Diysmal scammer, xDimiKilleRx begger   Sat Jan 23, 2010 10:10 am

Ok, so today I saw this guy called Diysmal using the trade chat, saying "WTT Bloodhorn (shadow affinity) and Mo for Sunderer, Striker and some red commons.", I had a duplicate Sunderer so I figured I'd try trading that and some commons for Mo, since I wasn't really interested in Bloodhorn. We agreed to trade Mo (and Bloodhorn even though I mentioned I didn't want it, but it's obvious why he wanted to trade that too when you realise that it's a scam) for Sunderer, Magma Hurler, Unity, Eruption and Lava Field. Since I can't fit all 5 cards into the trade window at once and he wouldn't want to risk trading a Bloodhorn worth 200 bfp for 3 cards worth pretty much nothing (they're commons after all) we agree to trade Bloodhorn for Sunderer, Magma Hurler and Unity and then Mo for Eruption and Lava Field. After the first of these two trades he logs off and comes online about 2 minutes later, needless to say I realised by now that it was a scam and didn't expect to get my cards back, but I invited him for trade a few times all of which were declined, and he completely ignored my whispers too. So yeah, please never trade with this guy and if you can, make sure that he doesn't play any co-op games with you either, if he doesn't get banned then I at least want his experience to be as bad as possible.

My second and much more minor issue was this guy called xDimiKilleRx who kept begging for cards in whisper. I told him he wouldn't get any cards from me and his answer was "if you give me cards I will stop", to which I replied "no, you won't get any fucking cards, stop pestering me". After that he decided it'd be a good idea to threaten to report me because I said fucking, shortly after that I decided to ignore him. This one didn't actually cause any tangible harm, but he just seems to be an overall moron worth avoiding.
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PostSubject: Re: Diysmal scammer, xDimiKilleRx begger   Sat Jan 30, 2010 6:02 am

hmmm , never found that 2 dudes online . i dont lake to trade because of this scammers
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Diysmal scammer, xDimiKilleRx begger
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